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   Good bye! ZilchSeptember 27th 10:42pm
   FoxPoints reset. RoXSeptember 23rd 11:50am
   Looking for Brazilian GM HaunterSeptember 20th 10:26pm
   Fox Points Again !! RoXSeptember 18th 12:03am
   September 2nd Patch info RoXSeptember 2nd 11:19pm
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   Here's How to Charge Cash (PH Only) -SkY-August 18th 6:26pm
   Fox Event & New Rank Achievement Avatars HaunterJuly 21st 6:17am

Event Announcements
   Mini Event (Fox Points) RoXSeptember 21st 2:00pm
   x2 GP/Gold, Sep 20th RoXSeptember 20th 9:54am
   x2 GP/Gold Weekend [DONE] RoXJuly 25th 8:29am
   Cash Event [DONE] RoXJune 15th 12:25am
   MiniEvent [DONE] RoXMay 1st 3:04am
   Soccer Match: Peru vs Venezuela [Done] NaturedMarch 31st 11:23pm

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